A Hora do Monolito EP 40 - Frankenstein Vs The Mummy

Radio show dedicated to stoner/doom, every thursday from 21h to 22h with rerun from 01h to 02h and 09h to 10 the following day

Emissão dedicada às sonoridades stoner e doom, programa semanal, às quintas das 21h às 22h, repetição das 01h às 02h e das 09h às 10h do dia seguinte

Frankenstein kicks The Mummy's butt while listening to Brant Njörk, Fireball Ministry, Kaross, New Keepers Of The Water Tower, Goya, Unida, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Magma Rise, Nulabor, Howling Giant, Wizzerd, Mirror Of Deception, Stone Magnum, Witchfield, Void King, Candlemass, Beneath The Storm, Astrakhan, The Temple, Un, Inter Arma e Corrosion Of Conformity

Eu, Frankstein ouve Pentagram, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Brutus, Mothers Of The Land, Chron Goblin, Blacksmoker, Altarus, Defuntos e Mos Generator

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A Hora do Monolito

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