A Hora da Morte EP 56 - Garden Of The Dead

Radio show dedicated to death metal, every Mondays from 21h to 22, with reruns from 01h to 02h and from 09h to 10h.

Emissão dedicada ao death metal, programa semanal das 21h às 22h, repetição da 01h às 2h e das 9h às 10h.

The Garden Of The Dead is filled with Insomnium, Kataklysm, Unleashed, First Fragment, Rotten, Necronomicon, The PEte Flesh Deathtrip, A Canorious Quintet, Aggressor, Vader, Paradise Lost, Heaven Shall Burn, The Black Dahlia Murder, Vindicator, Crimson Thron, Cepahlic Impuritym Sindrome, Demonic Obedience, Wormed, Zombieslut, Carcass, Slaves Of Suffering, Procreation, Mass Insanity, Antropomorphia, Blasphemer, Aborted, Grog and Pyre

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A Hora da Morte

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