French Acid-rock'n'roll duo Electric Jaguar Baby to release new EP 'Moonshiner'

After releasing a first and self-titled EP in 2016, a French & a European Tour... the French acid/fuzz-rock/psych/stoner duet Electric Jaguar Baby took time in between to grab a few microphones and record 3 new tracks in a cellar in Paris to capture the live energy with a 70's sound, giving birth to the 'Moonshiner EP', to be released on March 24th 2017 (on handmade limited CDs and cassette tapes and on its own label : El Diablo Records).

A few days before the official release, the band debuted the song "Holly Vally" from the EP on Bandcamp while pre-orders for physical editions are still up on the band's webstore. You can hear the song below   

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