Ordoxe to Release 'Towards Eternity' March 31 on HPGD Productions

Quebec Black Metal Scourge Ordoxe will release new album Towards Eternity March 31 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. A lyric video for new song "We Are Eternal" is available below

Ordoxe make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with new album "Towards Eternity". Formed in 1989, Ordoxe perform melodic Black Metal with elements of Thrash, Death and Doom Metal. Towards Eternity is the fourth album in the Ordoxe catalog and delivers a fierce, judicious mix of dark arts, bliss, grim moods and evil ambiences.

Below you see the artwork and tracklist of "Towards Eternity"

1. We Are Eternal
2. The Auspicious One
3. Trépas I
4. Your Sorrow, My Sorrow
5. Sword Of Damocles
6. Soyez Illuminés
7. A Passage In Time
8. Trépas II
9. The Essence Of Life
10. Trépas III

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