BJØRN RIIS (AIRBAG) "Forever Comes To An End" Track Online!

We are now streaming the title track from BJØRN RIIS upcoming album "Forever Comes to an End" which will be out on Karisma Records on the 19th May!

BJØRN RIIS is the guitarist of Norway's leading prog-rock band AIRBAG.

Riis told Prog: "Forever Comes To An End was originally written for the debut Lullabies In A Car Crash, but it didn't quite fit in with the rest of the songs so it was left out although we did perform it live a couple of times. Forever Comes To An End is probably the heaviest song I've written but there's also a more mellow side to it and I think we managed to create a really nice balance, with Airbag drummer Henrik Fossum delivering some amazing beats. I always liked the title and I used that for the album and the overall theme. It's quite a bitter song but with a bit of remorse as well."

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