Drachenfeuer Releases "Realm Of Light" On Dark Age Productions - Full Stream!

Dark Age Productions announces the release of the debut album of Drachenfeuer titled "Realm Of Light" on Double CD Digipak and limited edition Cassette. Drachenfeuer is cinematic dark ambient soundtrack “dungeon synth” for fans of Summoning, Mortiis (Era 1), Ringbearer, Elffor

The music of Drachenfeuer is an epic journey through Middle Earth and its creatures. Soundscapes that will transport you to a land where dragons breath fire, where warrior legions raise their swords, where the beauty of friendship comes to a dark edge and where mighty forests cover the land in darkness…

The album was recorded at W.A.R. studios in Austria and at Sleepy Rabbit Studios in England, mastered by Jim Kirkwood.

Drachenfeuer was founded by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander Wieser (Uruk-Hai Tolkien black metal) in 2007. Both artists have been writing music since the 1980s from Black Metal to Gothic and Ambient. Drachenfeuer released 2 tracks on both volumes of the mighty “The First Ring” compilations in 2007 & 2013. In 2009 they recorded their debut album “Realm Of Light”. 7 years it was lost in the vaults until Dark Age Productions picked it up for release on Double CD packaged in a six panel Digipak with bonus track and a limited edition Cassette.

Hear "Realm Of Light" stream below

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