Nord released video for “Killing Me, Killing You”

After “So Alive” and the dark “Shadows”, alternative/art rock outlet Nord show a new side of their musical horizon. “Killing Me, Killing You” is an intimate duet with singer Eni Juristic, who happens to be a perfect vocal antipole.

“Filming of the music video itself was extremely exhausting as it was being filmed full 24 hours in one take - from 11 AM to 11 AM the next day with Mihael acting in daylight scenes and Eni acting in night scenes. The idea of the music video was inspired by Mihael's lyrics about two people who can't seem to find a mutual path and have to separate just so they wouldn't 'destroy' each other. That's exactly how the unique idea for this music video came to life, in the same time switching between day and night scenes referring to a search for a new path,”  the band explains their artistic video clip.

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