Eshtadur reveal track listing for new album

Colombian melodic death metal powerhouse ESHTADUR are pleased to announce that the track listing for their upcoming album "Mother Gray" has been finalized. The album will consist of ten tracks and will be released this summer via Bleeding Music Records.

The band has already released the album's first single "Cornered At the Earth", which can be heard below:

Mother Gray Track Listing:

1 - Belong To Nowhere
2 - Plaguemaker
3 - Cornered At The Earth
4 - Desolation
5 - Time Hole To Paris
6 - March Of The Fallen
7 - The Day After I Die
8 - Heavens To The Ground (Bonus)
9 - Last Day Of The Condor (Bonus)
10 - Burning Heart (Bonus)​

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